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World Transplant Games 2013: Outstanding Athletes

Six of our members attended the WTG 2013. (Anton Grobler, Johan Kleingeld, Attie Kok, Lourens Schultz, Stephan van den Berg)
Many supporters from our region were there as well.
Anton Grobler – Lawn Bowls – silver
Johan Kleingeld – Badminton singles – Gold. Squash – Gold
Philimon Mogotsi – Long jump – Gold
Lourens Schultz – Discus – Bronze. Javelin – Silver
Stephan van den Berg – Tennis singles – Bronze. Javelin – Bronze

Everyone from our region has expressed their gratitude to all that contributed to the huge success the WTG 2013 were. It was an international event of note and ranks between the best presented and organized international sports events of 2013.

This region has 15 full members and 12 associate members, giving a total of 27.

News reports:
We contributed to creating awareness for the WTG 2013 by placing news reports in our regional newspapers of the athletes that qualified for the WTG 2013, what the WTG 2013 represented and who the participants are made up of.
After the WTG 2013 the outstanding results achieved by athletes from our region were again reported in the regional newspapers.

Awareness drives:
I’ve got a very good relationship with SANBS in Klerksdorp. They often invited me to blood clinics where we tried our best to create awareness for organ donation and for SATSA.
At Laerskool Unie is a nine year old learner who is awaiting a bone marrow transplant. In conjunction with the Sunflower Fund we organized a Bandana day on 11 October where most of the learners at the school wore bandanas to support little Reba and create awareness for bone marrow transplantation. We sent out letters to all the parents of the school and also got coverage for this event in the local newspapers.
On 9 November the annually local Relay for Life (Cancer awareness Walk) took place in Klerksdorp. Esme de Beer of North West Dialysis Centre sponsored a stall at the walk for organ donation. Anton Grobler, his wife, Annelien and I spent the night at the Walk, talking to people about organ donation and giving out pamphlets to everybody present.

Our region is spread over a very big area.
Communication is difficult and arranging meetings for the members of the region prove to be a near impossible task.
We believe that early in 2014 we will be able to establish a formal region and that it will make a big difference in the functioning of our region.

Maryke Gird

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